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Big Apple, bigger bump!

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Hi, everyone!

First off, I'd like to thank you all so much for your kindness and support. I've received the most heart-warming comments and advice from Getaway viewers on my pregnancy, and I couldn't be more overjoyed. You're such an amazing lot, and I'm such a lucky soon-to-be mum.

Now the last time I checked in with you, I was off on my last overseas jaunt before I pop. And it was to one of my favourite international destinations — New York. Jules and I had a ball putting together a special on the best of all five boroughs. Being preggers, I made sure to eat my way through the city — get ready to be introduced to the city's best pizza, best bagels and cupcakes. In addition to feeding the bub, I've been in a bit of a 'nesting' mode, so I did a shop-a-thon to end them all! And with the strengthening Aussie dollar and incredible bargains on offer in the city's factory outlets the only pinch I felt was my clothing getting tighter (and that excess luggage charge on the way home).

An interesting thing happened as I was shooting one of my last pieces for the show: the crew and I were on a boat on the Hudson on a glorious day, when Barack Obama's plane, Air Force One, swooped over us and flew by the Statue of Liberty ... three times! The sight of the presidential jet in front of such an American icon was really inspiring, but when we got back to Manhattan we realised that the city was in a state of panic — the memory of September 11, 2001, still etched into everyone's minds and the trauma still tender. I think it even made the news back here in Australia: here's a photo:

It was at that point I realised how unified and kind-hearted the New York of today really is, and I was touched.

I've been so blessed with an easy pregnancy and, as such, I've been on the go non-stop since getting back to Australia. But tomorrow I'm taking a night out with a very special friend of mine.

Awhile back I met a young girl named Seride. I was at Sydney Wildlife World in Darling Harbour shooting a story when I saw her, all smiles and charm. But a trip to the zoo means more to a girl like Seride than most children, as she is fighting an aggressive case of leukaemia. Well, since then we've become firm friends, and she and her family will be my special guests at a fundraiser I'm hosting for the Starlight Children's Foundation tomorrow night. Getaway has long been a passionate supporter of Starlight, and I'm so grateful to be a part of this amazing organisation myself.

Well, that's all for now! Another huge thank you for your support and caring. And when I check back in with you in late July, I'll hopefully be bringing a pint-sized guest reporter along with me! Fingers crossed.

Yours ~ Catriona

User comments
Hi Catriona, congratulations on the arrival of Charles. Hope all is going well. As I promised to let you know, I also had a baby boy at the end of February. We named him Jeremy. He was a little early and weighed 3.2kg. He is adored by his siblings. Best wishes to you and your young family. Enjoy the fun ahead. Sheryn.
Hey Catriona, I first met you last year at the blue ribbon event in Geelong last year. You are definalty one of those people as best descibed as a shinning light. It was a pleasure to meet you in person. By the way Congrates on the Baby
Hi Catriona, Thanks for sharing a wonderful Oprah Adventure with me. My friend and I had a great day and really enjoyed your company.Wishing you all the best for the imminent arrival of bub number 2. I am also counting the weeks and as promised will let you know. By the way, congratulations on your new range of gorgeous mathernity clothing at Target. Finally great looking outfits at reasonable prices. Cheers, Sheryn.
Hi Catriona Read your comments about favourite destinations in the Brisbane Sunday mail. I do hope you get the chance to go to Monet's Garden in Giverny. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to The gardens were amazing and the home extremely interesting too. Maybe you might be able to do a segment for Getaway then I can enjoy it all over again. I was lucky enough to go last May when the wisteria was blooming over the bridge on the lake. Cheers Lorraine
Hi Catriona..l,m not going to take up your time , but congrats on the baby, and in honour of your baby l donated some lovely new baby clothes to the local ST. Vincents to give to local expectant mothers who were hard up as l thought they could use them..Love you and love annual travel O.S. especially New York.. Keep it up ..You,re ace..Would appreciate a reply to see you saw this ...Love Claire...XXX
I have just seen vision of this fantatsic place in Turkey. Just wondering, would the team ever go to Pamukkale in Turkey? Have you already covered itat an earlier time?
Hi Catriona, Hope all went well with the birth of your new baby, and your bundle of joy is happy and healthy. Firstly, i just wanted to say i LOVE the show, watch it whenever i get the chance. I love seeing the beautiful places and wonderous destinations you are fortunate enough to travel to! As long as i can remember i have idolised you, and held the Getaway show as my dream job for some time. Both my sisters are currently overseas travelling, & one of them just got engaged in France outside a castle if you can believe it! I have caught the travel bug as of my first overseas trip to Fiji last year with 2 girlfriends, and am fortunate enough to be meeting my sisters in the UK in December this year! I was interested to know what i could do to have a career such as yours! Where to start!? I have such a passion for the many wonders of the world, and would love to hear any tips u could throw my way? Thanks for your time! All the best for the show! Will continue watching and enjoying! Tess
Hi Catriona Enjoyed your New York Dowtown segment on Getaway last night. You looked beautiful and amazing in the Red Maxi Dress. Would you be kind enough to share your secret and reveal where this gorgeous dress was purchased... I just got back from New York andyes it is my favourite city. I felt safe and it was so easy to get around and interesting things for everybody. Soho was sooo nice. All the best and hopefully I will hear from you. btw Jules is cute sheela
Hi Catriona, It would be great to viewers to show where to take babys on holidays like renting holiday houses. When i was nine or ten years old i stayed in a house in fuji with my perents for 3 weeks and we hired a car and drove around the country side and now being 36 years old i still rember it very well and i would like to see the best of getaway on dvd and blu-ray from a great fan Sean
Hi Catriona My daughter has a dream to go to New York. She has pcitures on her wall, a map a friend of mine gave to her & travel brouchures. We promised her we will get there one day. Well one day is next year (hopefully) & would like to know the best accommodation on a budget where a family of 4 can stay. You had a feature where people rented out their places cheaper than motels where Jules showed. Are you able to let me know of those places to look at & in your opinion the best area to stay close to many of the attractions, including shopping & in close vinicity to transport to get around. We're looking at staying in New York for approx 4 days then going to LA for 4 days. 1 thing we want to do in LA besides shopping is to go to Disneyland. Please help if you can. Thank you. Kathryn

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