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Brooklyn bites

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Hi, guys! I've just gotten back from Brooklyn and I've gotta say, it's my new favourite bit of the Big Apple.

Too many travellers to New York spend all their time in Manhattan and forget about the city's most populous borough, Brooklyn. Well, this time the crew and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and saw a real slice of life ... on a Pizza Tour!

A Slice of Brooklyn is a tour company run by a bloke called Fast Talking Tony. This guy was born and raised in the borough, and is like a character straight out of The Sopranos, I'm telling you! Slicked-back hair, tattoos all over, that accent (OMG, the accent!) ... no one was about to mess with Fast Talking Tony. And "FTT" took the crew and I around his home turf for 4.5 hours, giving us a taste of the different neighbourhoods that make up Brooklyn.

He started by sharing a bit about Brooklyn's history over an incredible thin crust pizza at Grimaldi's, one of the most famous pizzerias in town. These places have soo much heritage, it's unbelievable. We then went for a cruise around, and FTT pointed out scenes where famous mob movies were shot (think Goodfellas and The Godfather), as well as fun flicks like Saturday Night Fever. Along the way we ran into a few of his mates, including Louie the Lip. After some touring and tall tales we went to Spimaldi's for a classic deep dish and more "Fuhgeddaboudit!" type stories.

I've got to say that the pizza was delicious, but what really made the experience was Fast Talking Tony. He was hilarious and it really was one of the best tours I've ever taken — a surprise stand-out in the city that never sleeps. Can't wait to go back!

That's all for now. Enjoying a few days of R&R before my next adventure. More soon!

~ Jules

User comments
helo my name is india and i watch getaway evry week im just wondering if you could tell me wat i have to do to be a tv presenter it is my dream i would realy apreciate it thanks alot
hey Jules, we are from a school in the northern territory. we are the ones that played lazor tag at dream world with you and nitro and might i say that was just so awesome. we were wondering if you could tell us when the eposoide was going to air .. thank you so much for that oppurtunity.. cya
Hi Jules, I just spent the weekend in NYC and took your advice and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Great experience, but I thought I would let you know I walked back across the closely located Manhattan Bridge. This was an even better experience as there were no crowds of tourists, just a few locals jogging and riding bikes and even better the walkway is on the outside of the bridge giving unrestictred views of the Brooklyn Bridge and financial district from one side and mid town from the other side. Made for some spectacular photos. Thanks for the bridge walk tip! cheers Mark
Hi Jules, I went to the usa to disney land but i would like to see new york city and it would make sydney look like a country town but i would like to see is to tell the viewers what the electricty standed is because ive herd of americans comming to our country and they *** there electric applicences up like hairdriyers can there be somthing to tell the viewers about like on ships a lot of travlers wouldn't know about the power on a ship if it is 230v 50 or 60 hz or 120 v 50 or 60 hz its somthing they shoud know about. from a fan sean
Hi Jules, I have cousins who live in Brooklyn & was over there & had a great time as my cousins were bought up there I had some great italian food & meet lots of interesting people . I loved 5th Avenue in Brooklyn great shops !! Glad someone has discovered this great part of N.Y Cheers

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