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Catriona's final overseas trip

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Hi, everyone! I've got some news for you. You may have already heard that I'm pregnant with my first child (and thankful for all of your kind wishes and support!). Well, the time has finally come for me to retire my passport for a bit and get ready to be a mum.

That's right — this Friday I leave on my last overseas assignment for Getaway before I pop! And you know what — I am so excited about this trip that I can barely breathe! It's to two of my most favourite destinations.

I'm so glad that V Australia has launched direct flights from Sydney to my first stop, which will be Los Angeles. I'll spend a few days there, and then meet up with Jules Lund in New York to shoot our 'ultimate' guide to all five boroughs. I've spent a fair bit of time in the Big Apple before, but this will mark my first visit to the Bronx. And I'm just thrilled to get back to Williamsburg (Brooklyn). For my money it's the hottest spot in the city with the most vibrant, artistic people and places to see. We'll be taking you to the ultimate shopping, dining and sight-seeing in each borough. What a babymoon!

Thanks again for all of your kindness. I'm over the moon for my baby to come, but can't wipe the smile off my face that my last hurrah is in the U S of A! Wish me luck ...

User comments
Had the pleasure of meeting you in the airport lounge in Melb. You are just as charming and natural offscreen. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your first baby - it is undoubtedly the most amazing time of your life.Hope to see you back taking 'us' to amazing places in the future.
Dear Katrina, You have been a wonderful light in our families lives for such a long time and seeing you each week on getaway always brings a smile to our faces. We are so pleased that is now time for you to create a family of your own and the moment you hold your baby in your arms you life will never be the same again. Thank you so much for taking us to so many amazing destinations, cultures and worldly experiences. It has been a great journey being with you each Thursday night and hopefully Mum and Bubs may have their own segment on the show in the future. Love and Light & Blessings *LJA*
Hi goregous, Congratulations to the both of you, it was fantastic to have travelled with you and the team to Croatia. The last time i saw you i was due with my second child. They are growing fast and really cheeky. But it is amazing being a mum. I wish you all the very best in the world for you new and upcoming experience. Just a note if your interested, try calmbirth classes, its amazing. Lots of Love Daniella
Congrats on the news of your new arrival, how exciting, although u maybe hanging up your international passport for a while to be a new mummy, i just had a thought as to whether now that ur a mummy and have so much knowlegde in the travel industry wether there would be scope for u to cover all those needs of parents that travel with small babies and toddlers and children. There is such a lack of info for a parent travelling with a child, eg what sort of food is available, what options do we have in sleeping our child an extra expenses, travelling games and tips, top places to take children on holidays where hotels extra have kids clubs, and what facilities those kids clubs have for not only older kids but those say under 5. What 2 pack and not 2 pack, handy accessories for travelling with kids that will outlast the child and the trips. Guess I could go on and on really, but maybe just a thought for the producers to consider covering these topics with noone better than u as a mummy
Wow great news for you & hubby. I will definitely miss you on the show & please be safe heading off over seas now with health issues to consider. So maybe the next round of places to visit will be where & how to travel with bubs in tow??? Enjoy motherhood to the max because not too long & they grow up too fast. Your bundle of joy isn't a bundle for very long.
Best wishes and happiness as you await the arrival of your "bundle of joy". Will miss your warmth and welcoming smile on TV but excited for your amazing new journey. With much love to you and James.
You are such a beautiful person inside and out You will make a fabulous mum Thank you We will miss your gorgeous smile You will make a fabulous mum All the best
Hi Catroina, Wow. What fabulous news of the impending birth or your first Child. You will be fantastic mum. You have sooo much life experience and your travel experiences will stay with you forever and be a wealth of entertainment and fun facts for your children in the future. Just think they won't need to consult any 'Lonely Planet' Guides ever. On a Different note, I wonder however if maybe you should postpone your trip to that you can monitor the Swine Flu progress before putting yourself in a place and head space that may make you wonder why you are putting yourself 'out there' so to speak. I wish you well in whatever you choose. Be safe and happy. You can go and join the girls at Better Homes and Gardens. They seem to pop out lovely babies and look fabulous after having their children.
Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy your last trip Catriona, remember all your wonderful times overseas. We will all miss you and living through your great travels. Always remember them, but the BEST IS YET TO COME ! he or she will need and be with you and James for the rest of their life ! ! ! You will make a fabulous mum, relax and enjoy every min of it, don't forget to share though, we will be anxious to see your beautiful child when you are ready. Hope all goes well, we can only wish the three if you good health and wonderful happiness in this, he most important adventure of your lives.
Blessings Catriona & James! You are a special person Catriona, we have been fans always. Thursday nights will not be the same without you, all those wonderful 'virtual trips' we've taken with you, dreaming of the days when it will be reality for us too & it has a couple of times! We will pray for continued health & happiness for all three of you. We will miss you but we know you will be living your 'other' dream to the fullest, you will love it & it is definitely worth it! Looking forward to your great news when he or she safely arrives. Cheryl & Peter A

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