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Excess baggage
Excess baggage

Excess baggage

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jay, a Getaway viewer from Melbourne, wants to know the ins and outs of paying airline fees for excess baggage.

Well, in the past you would have had no choice but to pay up or leave your luggage behind, but we have found a company that can move heavy gear at a much lighter price.

World Baggage acts as a courier for oversized luggage such as surfboards or really heavy gifts.

If you have 30kg of excess that you want moved from Sydney to London, normally an airline would charge around $40 a kilogram. World Baggage charges $6, so with 30 extra kilograms the cost would be around $180, versus a sky high $1200 through the airlines.

The only catch is there are some service charge fees and World Baggage needs to collect your items 10 days before you leave.

But they will pick up from anywhere in Australia and deliver to anywhere on the planet.

You can contact them on 1800 010 388 or log on to

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