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Momento photo

Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's always nice to have pictures of special occasions or holidays to look at over and over and share with friends and family.

These days, so many of us have digital cameras and many people put their holiday snaps on a disc which ends up in a drawer, rarely to be looked at again.

Getaway has come across a digital-age photo album where your favourite shots can be displayed in a personalised hardcover coffee-table book. Now, thanks to Momento Pro you can get rid of those shoe boxes full of old snaps and enjoy them again.

All you need to do is sort though your photos and lay them out in the order you want — or you can let the software do that for you. Images can be rotated, you can add frames and captions and just play around until you are happy with the way it looks.

Momento will design, print, bind and deliver the book to your door, all in a contemporary format, within 21 days of ordering.

Books can be from 10 to 150 pages and cost $105, plus $1 per page. You can order and pay online.

If you have a travel question or have come across an accessory you would like to share, e-mail or write to us at Post Office Box 50, Willoughby 2068.

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