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Safe travel products
Safe travel products

Safe travel products

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Getaway has been flooded with e-mail and letters from viewers about the safety of luggage when travelling. Given recent events in Bali, we thought we had better look for some travel products designed to keep your luggage as safe as possible.

Obviously, the first tip is to be wary. Keep luggage with you at all times, have it clearly labelled and where possible, locked.

A Pacsafe bag protector with netting simply slips over your bag and can then be fastened to something like a pole or chair. It has an interlocking security system and is made from high tensile stainless steel, making it tough and slash-proof. There is a size to fit every bag and when not in use, it just packs up and fits in your pack. Pacsafe 85 retails at around $119.95.

The Strapsafe is another good one. Just slip it around your hard covered luggage to give it that extra protection. It comes with combination locks and sells for around $34.95.

The Wrap Safe is an adjustable cable lock which you once again put around your luggage and use to secure your bike or bags to a pole. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry, and retails for around $39.95.


The SearchAlert padlock and locking luggage straps are the only TSA approved security items that Travelers can put on their luggage and KNOW whether their bags have been searched by a customs officer or violated by an unknown person when traveling.

The SearchAlert padlock and strap will let you know if your bag has been opened with its unique green / red light security window.

How does the padlock and luggage strap work? Once the padlock or luggage strap has been put on your luggage and the 3 dial combination has been set, the security window will display a green light. If your lock or strap has been opened or tampered with the light will change from green to red.

This new luggage lock and luggage strap feature a secure system which is accepted, certified and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States and United Kingdom.

Corporate Travel Safety
Level 13, 84 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW
For information, contact -
Sheree Smythe Phone: 02 9222 7740

Placing an Order: Orders can be made by phone or by printing the order form found on the website and sending payment to the CTS address above.

Padlocks: Retail at $21.95
Luggage Straps: Retail at $29.95
*surcharge may apply for payments by credit card

Combination padlocks are worth carrying around just in case. They have been approved by US Customs, which means they have the authority to unlock your baggage to complete any necessary security checks, relock it and you pass through Customs without damage to your property. If your luggage was locked and they wished to inspect your bags, they would just break the locks. The locks have a RRP of $15.95.

Security cable ties are nifty little things. They slip onto your bags and if the tag is broken, you know your luggage has been tampered with. They are individually numbered and a pack of 20 sells for around $9.95. For more information, visit or Outdoor Survival on (03) 9775 1916, Fax 03 9775 1917 or log on to

Obviously none of these products is 100 percent secure, but they will provide you with your best chance of security.

If you have a travel question or have come across an accessory you would like to share, e-mail or write to us at Post Office Box 50, Willoughby 2068.

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