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Camera tips
Camera tips

Camera Tips 4

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Award winning photographer Jack Atley is back this week, sharing his photography tips.

We’ve had a lot of queries from viewers about taking successful shots of sunsets. Everyone loves to look at the beauty of sunset, but somehow when you get the photographs home, they rarely do justice.

There are two situations you are faced with when photographing sunsets — when the sun is on the horizon or just as it sets. In both cases, centre the brightest part of your shot. Most automatic cameras will adjust accordingly, but if you are using a manual camera, you will need to adjust the setting.

Like any landscape or scenery photo, take a moment to compose your shot. A really basic simple rule to remember is to place the horizon in either the top or bottom third of your frame. This will give your pictures a much more professional look.

Using a flash when photographing sunset isn’t going to help, as the flash can only travel a certain distance, so turn that flash off.

Of course, the beauty of using a digital camera is that you can fire off as many shots as you like and delete any unwanted frames.

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