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Camera tips
Camera tips

Camera Tips III

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Jack Atley is back again this week with some great tips and lessons in taking the best shot of people on your holdiay.

This week Jack Atley tells us some of his tricks for taking great shots of people…

Of course, it’s always good to prepare your camera before you take any shot, but it’s essential when photographing people. If you spend time fiddling around with the setting on your camera for too long, people can become nervous or tense and children become bored sitting still. So get yourself ready first.

When shooting portraits, it’s always best to put your subjects in good light. Make sure there are no shadows falling across faces or conversely, too much light.

If you are shooting a group, get in close and fill the frame. Not so close that you cut anyone out, but not so far away that you can’t tell who’s who.

It is always good to relax your subject before you start. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few jokes or compliments — give us a big smile; you’re looking fantastic; arms around; nice and close; here we go; cheers … things like that.

Don’t forget to include yourself in the shots — use the self-timer on your camera or ask someone else to take the photograph.

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