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Camera tips
Camera tips

Camera Tips - Action

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Jack Atley is back this week with some great tips and lessons on how to take the best action packed shot.

This week, former Australian News Photographer of the Year, Jack Atley, gives us some handy tips for action photography.

So often our shots are returned showing just a blur of the moving subject, but here's Jack's advice.

Find a nice safe spot and watch your background. If there is anything distracting, don't be afraid to move.

If you want to freeze the action, throw your camera onto a sports mode, or if you have manual settings, crank the shutter speeds up to about 1000th of a second. That will make everything nice and sharp.

Always be ready and anticipate the shot. Have your eye on the viewfinder or LCD screen and your finger poised over the shutter button, ready to go.

Even professional sports photographers take heaps of shots to get that one great image. Don't be afraid to fire off a few frames. Of course, the beauty of having a digital camera is that you can delete anything you don't like.

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