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Camera tips
Camera tips

Camera Tips

Thursday, July 15, 2004
We ask an expert photographer how to take the perfect holiday snaps.

We receive stacks of letters and e-mails from Getaway viewers who want to be able to take better photographs.

A couple of years ago we did a story with former Australian News Photographer of the Year, Jack Atley, and thought it was time we picked his brains again.

Over the next few weeks, Jack is going to show us how to perfect the art of the holiday snap using a digital camera, and this week, the spotlight is on landscapes and scenery.

Jack says the major difference between a professional landscape shot and an amateur one is the time of day the shot was taken. If you really want the best looking pictures to show everyone, you should start early when the light is softer and the colours are all a bit richer.

Scenery and landscape photography is all about composition, so for a more professional look, try to place the horizon line in either the top or bottom third of your frame.

When you're in a spectacular location and want to make the most of the scenery around you, switch your camera onto a landscape mode, if it has one, or if your camera has manual settings like the Panasonic LC1, stop it down to around F11. That way everything will be nice and sharp.

Any professional photographer will tell you it's a good quality lens, not just an expensive camera, that makes a really sharp image, so don't be afraid to invest in a good one.

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