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Getaway luggage
Getaway luggage

Getaway luggage

Thursday, May 27, 2004
We give you the ultimate packing tips including the best luggage to take on your next trip.

Last year we answered a viewer's question about how Getaway crews pack their bags. Well, now we've had another similar question, so it seems you need some more skills! We asked around and here is what we came up with this time.

  • Travel light. The general rule is look at everything you have put out to pack and halve it.
  • If that's too hard, try rolling your clothes, rather than folding them.
  • Valuables should go in your hand luggage.
  • To avoid creases, layer clothes with recycled dry cleaner's plastic.
  • Throw in a spare carry bag for extra souvenirs.
  • Make your bag stand out — attach a bright ribbon or go for a brightly coloured bag.

If you fancy putting the team's tips to the test next time you travel, you could be doing it with the new, exclusive Getaway luggage.

The smart blue luggage comes in three sizes, 40cm, 60cm and 70cm trolley bags.

If you weren't lucky enough to win the luggage in our promotion, you can buy our Getaway luggage exclusively at Target stores around Australia.

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