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Round-the-world airfares

Wednesday, February 4, 2004
Saving for the big overseas trip but not sure if round-the-world airfares are for you?

Lauren Atkinson from Tasmania is, like so many other young people, madly saving for her big overseas trip at the end of the year. She asked us for some advice on round-the-world tickets.

These tickets are great if you're planning on visiting lots of places across the world.

But before you book a flight, here are a few tips:
  • You may have noticed that round-the-world fares often seem cheaper than a straight return flight overseas. That's because they are often subject to conditions, such as flying in low season, a restricted number of stops and a limited range of airlines.
  • The price you pay for a round-the-world ticket depends on the number of continents you plan to visit and sometimes the mileage you will cover.
  • You can save yourself lots of money if you plan your trip in a continuous direction rather than backtracking.

Once you have mapped out where you want to go, shop around for the right price, but just as importantly, find the ticket that allows you the most flexibility.

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