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Catriona gives her packing tips
Catriona gives her packing tips

Packing tips

Thursday, November 13, 2003
The crew have given you their very own packing tips from not taking much to taking a lot; iron everything and don't iron a thing!

Belinda Rich from Brisbane has asked the Getaway team for some packing tips for her big overseas trip. Who better to ask than a group of travellers who go to wide and varied destinations in Australia and overseas, in all sorts of climates?

Sorrel said she packs everything she thinks she will need and then takes half of it out of her bag. She says to never leave home without a rain jacket.

David reckons what works for him is to stand naked in front of his suitcase and, starting at his toes, pack whatever is needed for each part of his body. Then, like Sorrel, he halves the amount he's packed and that's exactly what he will need.

Ben throws it all in and never ever irons before he packs. His theory is that everything is going to get crinkled anyway.

Brendon says to definitely travel as lightly as you possibly can. Buy anything you really need while you're there and always leave space for those irresistible bargains.

Catriona says she's tried every trick in the book and thinks she now has it down to a fine art. Her secret? Squash everything in like there's no tomorrow!

So there's a variety of tips for you to think about, Belinda. Happy travelling!

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