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Smoky Cape Lighthouse.
Smoky Cape Lighthouse.

Lighthouse accommodation

Thursday, October 16, 2003
An unusual accommodation experience that will leave you seeing stars!Jeanette Kerno is particularly interested in the lighthouse stories we have shown. Recently we showed Smoky Cape Lighthouse in Northern New South Wales, and the owners rang us to say they were amazed at the response of our viewers.

Jeanette e-mailed us asking if we could give her some lighthouse ideas, and we have found a great website we thought we should share with everyone.

Go to ... it lists lighthouses all over Australia which offer accommodation at reasonable prices.

If you are heading overseas and still looking for that "different" room with ocean views, you can check out this site,, and click on Lighthouse Accommodation. There are plenty of options in the UK and beyond.

We would advise that you book well in advance as lighthouses are very popular in peak season.

If you don't have access to the internet and don't know someone who can assist, your local library would be the place to go.

For further information about Smoky Cape Lighthouse call (02) 6566 630, visit, or e-mail

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