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Sorrel and her family
Sorrel and her family

Travelling with Children Pt II

Thursday, September 25, 2003
This handy little pack will keep the little ones occupied for a long time; perfect for any trip.

Joanne Casey of New South Wales is about to take off on a road trip with her two children and wrote to Ask Getaway for tips on how to survive the journey without tearing her hair out!

Who better to pass the question to than Sorrel Wilby, our travelling mother. Both her children have been on the road with their mother almost from the moment they were born and have adapted very well.

No matter how well-behaved and well-travelled children are, though, there is still the old "Mum, are we there yet" question from the back seat.

When the boredom begins to set in, Sorrel produces a great little distraction called Boredom Breaker. It's a bag of goodies specially designed for children to entertain themselves.

The treasure trove is chock-a-block full of toys, books, puzzles, pencils, educational activities and loads more. They start at around $20 and are great for children up to eight years old. To order one, write to PO Box 27, Hampton 3188. Phone or fax (03) 9521 6689 or e-mail them at For more information, log on to

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