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Kira Sutherland, naturopath
Kira Sutherland, naturopath

Health When You Arrive

Thursday, June 19, 2003
Here is some healthy tips on how to increase your chances of feeling healthy when you touch down after a long haul flight. We received an e-mail from Dan Llewellyn, a viewer who is dreading the exhausting flight to London and who asked us if we had any tips on how he can increase the chances of feeling healthy when he arrives. We sought some advice from naturopath Kira Sutherland.

Kira suggests that once you arrive, walk around for the first couple of hours without sunglasses. If you can get light directly into your eyes it will actually help re-set your body clock and help you adjust to the time zone a lot more quickly.

Do some exercise — go for a walk, use the hotel gym — whatever works for you. This will help you sleep a lot better when you eventually do go to bed.

Maybe indulge in a massage soon after you arrive. It has been proven to enhance your immune system and makes you relax that much more.

To have extra energy you can take the Chinese herb ginseng for the first few mornings that you're there — it actually helps your body deal with the jetlag.

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