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Health before you go
Health before you go

Health before you go

Thursday, April 24, 2003
Before your next trip, take a look at our tips to better prepare your health!

People are becoming more aware of their health, particularly when they are travelling. Everyone knows it is important to protect one's skin from strong sunlight and hungry insects, but taking care of your inner health is also very important.

Getaway talked to Kira Sutherland, a naturopath and nutritionist, for some general health advice for travellers.

Kira said that to have more energy while you are away, you should get ready as slowly as possible. If you rush around and become hyped and stressed before you leave, your immune system gets down and you are more likely to become sick when you arrive at your destination.

When travelling, your diet is bound to change. It is a good idea to start eating acidophilus yoghurt a week or so before you go away. This helps prepare your digestive system so it can tolerate all the new and exciting things you are going to try.

So you can relax and sleep on your flight, do some exercise before you leave — that will use some energy, make you tired and you will be more likely to doze or sleep.

If you want more vitality and to boost your immune system before you go, drink fresh vegetable juice at the airport — most airports these days have special juice bars. It's a good way to receive a good multivitamin shot.

Hope you have a happy, healthy holiday.

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