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Catriona answers a viewer's question.
Catriona answers a viewer's question.

The Euro & Bali belly

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Catriona answers some questions on the euro and some tips with Bali belly.

Just about everyone who ever embarks on a holiday has concerns about picking up a tummy bug which can really ruin things.

Trish Adams from Hobart is about to backpack her way through Asia and asked us for some tips on how to avoid the dreaded Delhi belly, Bali belly, Montezuma's revenge - you know what we mean!

No matter how hard you try, there is nothing you can do to guarantee you won't get sick, but here are a few do's and don'ts which will definitely help you stay on your feet:
  • Use only bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Make sure the seal is intact when you buy it. Boiled and purified water are fine.
  • Do not swallow water when you are showering or swimming.
  • Stay clear of ice. You never know where the water has come from, and even freezing does not kill some of these tenacious little bugs.
  • Stick to fruit you can peel. That way you will avoid eating fruit which may have been in contact with dodgy water. Avoid salads for the same reason.
  • If you are somewhere a long way from the sea, avoid eating seafood.
  • Don't be lulled into false security by eating at places just because they look up-market. Go for places selling food which looks fresh and is popular with locals and tourists.
  • Most of all, don't let all of this put you off enjoying local treats. It's all part of the experience. Just be a little careful and you should stay well and enjoy every minute of your travels.

By the way, we have had loads of enquiries about the new European currency, the euro. It is now officially in circulation and old currencies are no longer useable in the 12 countries which have made the switch. The UK, Denmark and Sweden are using their own currencies for the time being.

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