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Catriona finds out about freight travel.
Catriona finds out about freight travel.

Cargo ship

Thursday, January 9, 2003
If you want to know more about travel on freighter ship trips in Australia, find out here.

A few weeks ago, Getaway featured a story on the Aranui, the French Polynesian cargo ship that did the round trip from Tahiti to the Marquesas. Well, we had a huge response to that story and lots of viewers wanted to know if there were freighter ship trips our of own in Australia. Here is what we have come up with.

In Sydney, Freighter Cruises take bookings for the German NSB shipping company. They do trips from Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle to Europe and Britain via Singapore and the Suez Canal.

There is also the Columbus Line, which takes passengers from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to the west coast of the United States via Tahiti, or to the east coast via the Panama Canal.

P&O Containers and Star Blue lines also take passengers on their cargo ships, travelling to the United Kingdom and the United States.

A cargo ship takes roughly 49 days to sail from Sydney to England. From the east coast of Australia to the United States takes about a month, and a round-the-world voyage about 100 days.

Don't forget, the facilities will be basic. There may be a small pool and a gym, but that's it. Take plenty of books to amuse yourself.

Cargo ships are not for everyone. You can't compare the cost of the trip with an air ticket, because you are buying a holiday as well as a fare. You are spending several weeks at sea with all meals included. A rough guide is to budget at least $200 a day at sea.

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