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Phone cards
Phone cards

Phone Cards

Thursday, September 12, 2002
Don't get stuck when you're away ... here are some options on saving $$$ when calling home.

Young Ben O'Keefe from Hornsby Heights e-mailed Ask Getaway for advice. He is going overseas on a budget and has promised his girlfriend he will keep in touch. He has heard that phone cards are the way to go, but is confused by the choice in the marketplace.

We did some searching for Ben and here is what we came up with.

To spare you the worry of call costs while you're away having a good time, a number of companies, including Optus and Telstra, have phone cards which are linked to your home phone account. You pay for the calls when you get back.

If you prefer a more upfront option, go for a prepaid phone card, such as Telstra's Phoneaway card. These can be purchased in $10, $20 and $50 amounts from newsagents, Telstra shops and Australia Post. They allow you to make calls from most phones around the world. Friends and family can leave voicemail messages for you, which can be retrieved from just about anywhere. As an added bonus with the Telstra card, you earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Another prepaid option, perfect for the e-mail addicted traveller, is Lonely Planet's ekno phone card. Apart from allowing you to make calls and receive voicemail messages, you can have your e-mails read to you over the phone without being near a computer.

One last tip — shop around, as different companies use different phone call rates.

  • Telstra Telecard information
    Phone 1800 038 000
  • Optus Calling Card information
    Phone 1300 300 990
  • Lonely Planet's ekno phonecard
    Phone 1800 114 478

    Happy travelling Ben … we know Bianca will be waiting by the phone to hear from you!

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