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Seat plan
Seat plan

Airline seating

Thursday, August 29, 2002
Here are some tips on getting that perfect seat on your next flight.

Levi Holden from Mullumbimby is heading overseas soon and contacted Getaway to see if we have some tips on getting the seat you want on a flight.

It seems Levi has long legs and is hoping for some space to stretch them during the long flight to Europe. The exit rows are best for this, or an aisle row, though don't forget other passengers will want to get by.

A few rows back in the centre are best for a good view of the in-flight film, and if you have a tight connection, the closer to the front exit doors, the quicker you will disembark.

Make your request when making your booking, and turn up at the airport early. Being a member of an airline's frequent flyer club can be of great help, and if you are hoping to one of those people sometimes lucky enough to be upgraded, make sure you are looking spic and span.

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