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David Reyne
David Reyne

Travel Money

Thursday, August 1, 2002
Find out how to organise your holiday funds!

We have received a letter from Vanessa Stephens who is about to take off on a trip to Europe and would like to know the best way to organise her holiday funds.

We believe it is always a good idea to take a mix of cash, travellers' cheques and plastic with you. Chances are you will come across a situation where one or two cannot be used, so there is always the third one to fall back on.

Get some cash in the currency of your first destination before you leave to tide you over for the first day or so.

When cashing in travellers' cheques shop around for the best exchange rates and try to find places that don't charge commission. Generally banks have better rates than airports and hotels, but not always.

Everyday debit cards are becoming more popular with travellers as so many of them can now be used at ATMs throughout the world. Check on this with your own bank before you leave.

Credit cards are handy for identification and making reservations. You may want to think about increasing your limit before you leave just in case something unexpected pops up.

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