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Box of Aussie goodies
Box of Aussie goodies


Thursday, June 13, 2002
If you're an Aussie living in London, here is a great website homesick ex-pats have found very comforting.

Libby Northash is an Aussie living in London and she has contacted us to let our viewers know of a great website homesick ex-pats have found very comforting. lets you shop online for all the things you miss and simply cannot last without.

Just go to the shop and order your Vegemite, Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes, Violet Crumble bars and even the makings of a Pavlova. It's a perfect gift for yourself or to send to a friend overseas. Gift-wrapped packages have been sent to Timor and Pakistan and arrived safely and in seven days.

You can find out how your favourite team is doing, catch up on some news from home, order some green and gold clothing if you are planning to attend an Aussie event somewhere, and find out the decent goss through local magazines.

This terrific website is guaranteed to soothe away some of those homesick blues. If only it could cook a roast dinner.

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