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Ben playing tennis.
Ben playing tennis.


Thursday, May 2, 2002
Ben gives us the low-down on how to get tickets to Wimbledon.

It's nearly Wimbledon time again, and we have had a letter from Richard Mott of Port Augusta who's heading to England in June and wants to know how he can get some advance tickets for the world's most famous tennis tournament.

There are three different ways to go about it, Rick. You can try your luck in the public ballot system which involves sending a letter to London in the hope that your number will be randomly selected by a computer. This year's ballot has already been drawn, but you can get information for next year on our website.

You can still buy tickets as part of accommodation packages through selected travel agents, but you will have to be quick. You can call Keith Prowse Entertainment Travel on 1300 730 023.

There are 6000 tickets released every day, so your other option is lining up and hoping you get to the ticket window before they sell out.

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