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David talks about house swapping.
David talks about house swapping.

Home Swaps

Thursday, March 21, 2002
So, how do you enjoy a holiday and home sweet home at the same time? Here's the scoop.

For all the hotels, cottages and various accommodations we show on Getaway, some people just prefer the comfort of home. So, how do you enjoy a holiday and home sweet home at the same time?

Kerry Plowman asked Getaway if there is a website that organises international home swaps. We started investigating and found hundreds.

If you log onto and find the home swap icon, you will find as many international agencies to choose from as you can manage.

One we particularly liked is trading homes. It is an easy site to get around and has an enormous range of real estate.

You can try, an American-based company, and we also found a UK-based company — Both companies list properties all over the world.

You should be able to inspect homes for free, but most organisations charge a fee to join up and list your property, basically to protect your privacy.

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