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Catriona chats about the Aussie dollar.
Catriona chats about the Aussie dollar.

Aussie Dollar

Thursday, February 21, 2002
Getaway tempts us to pack a suitcase and head for the wild blue yonder. Find out what the experts say on where our money is hot right now.

We know Getaway tempts us all to pack a suitcase and head for the wild blue yonder. But with the Australian dollar hovering around its lowest ever exchange rate, more people are rethinking their overseas holidays.

We've done some looking around for you, and while the US dollar continues to dominate, as does the pound sterling, all is not lost. There are still some great places where you'll get value for your dollar.

Why not think about visiting New Zealand? It's close to home, very beautiful, has loads to see and do, and there is no language problem. Even better, one of our dollars will get you an extra 20 cents of theirs!

How about a winter break in the South Pacific? There are heaps of bargains to be had and all destinations offer competitive packages, particularly for families. Choose from Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia and get value for your money.

South Africa won't break the bank, and also offers some excellent accommodation and affordable tours.

Europe is a little more difficult — with the strong English pound, the UK is quite expensive. But there are bargains in other parts of Europe, particularly the eastern countries. Think about the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. If you're craving a holiday of sun and fun, why not head to Turkey?

Just because the American dollar might restrict our spending in the United States, why not consider Canada? It is a stunning country, and their dollar is more favourable to ours.

Parts of South America are very affordable. You can travel on a budget and live like royalty. Be wary though — Argentina and Ecuador have aligned their currency with the US dollar, making them not quite the bargain destinations they once were. Do your homework before making your decision.

If you decide to put off your overseas travel and see some of Australia, consider the Kimberleys in Western Australia, the stunning Whitsundays, or ancient Kakadu and Uluru. And if you've never been to Tasmania, it's a must to put on your list.

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