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David in Maui.
David in Maui.

Married in Maui

Thursday, February 7, 2002
We have some answers to the ever-popular question: "Where can I elope to for a romantic island wedding?"

Kristy Ladd has always dreamed about having a romantic island wedding, and she and her fiancé have decided to elope to avoid the big fuss usually associated with weddings. She e-mailed us to ask if we could suggest somewhere that was easy to get to, and more importantly, where a wedding could be arranged with the minimum of headaches.

We suggest Kristy look no further than Hawaii, and in particular, the beautiful island of Maui. Each year, 20,000 couples choose Maui as their wedding venue, and 7000 non-resident marriage licenses were issued last year.

It is all made easy for you — all you need is $100, a driver's licence and, of course, a partner! Getting married — or "Maui'd" as they like to call it — is big business there, and you will be able to fulfil every wedding dream you have ever had. Just look in the telephone book and you will find a very long list of wedding planners to choose from or you can get a full rundown on Hawaiian weddings from the Hawaii Visitors' and Convention Bureau — they even have a wedding service fact sheet. E-mail them at They are very organised and professional, and the hotel wedding planners take care of everything for you, ensuring your day is one to be enjoyed and remembered forever. All you need to do is turn up.

To get your marriage licence you must both be over 18, both be present when you apply for the licence and be married within 30 days of it being issued.

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