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Manihi Island, Tahiti.
Manihi Island, Tahiti.
Beijing, Asia.
Mt Egmont, New Zealand.

Best time to travel

Friday, January 18, 2002
Head for the snow in winter and the islands in summer... But to get it right, you may want to check out when the perfect time is for you to travel. Asia   Africa   Middle East   Europe
UK   Americas   Pacific
New Zealand   Australia


Japan — Tokyo
Spring, in March to May, is probably most popular. Autumn is September to November and is also a great time to travel. Mid-winter, December to February, can be bitterly cold, while the sticky summer months of June to August can be awful.

China — Beijing, Shanghai
Spring is March/April, autumn is September/October and these are the best times to visit China.

Hong Kong
November and December is the preferred time, with pleasant breezes. In January and February the temperature can drop. March and April are warmer temperatures but as the year progresses into May, the air becomes uncomfortably sticky and humid, and by September you can expect cyclones.

Vietnam — Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi
The South has two seasons: the wet, May to November, and dry December to April. The hottest and most humid is from February to May.

Thailand — Bangkok
The best time is between November and February.

It is hot all year round, but best to avoid November to January, which is the rainy season.

Go any time, as climate is no major consideration.

Indonesia — Bali
The cooler, dry season is from April to October and is seen as the best time to visit, as the rest of the year is quite humid.

Philippines — Manila
Best time is from the middle of December to the middle of May.

India — Delhi
October to March tend to be the most pleasant months over much of the country. The trekking season in the Indian Himalayas runs roughly from April to November.


South Africa — Johannesburg
Summer can be too hot; spring being the preferred time to travel.

North Africa — Kenya
January to February is the main tourist season, with hot and dry weather with rains hitting from March to May.

December to April bring extra sunshine and this is the dry season. Between May and November, it's still warm, but the skies can be cloudy, humidity is higher and rain is more likely.

Middle East:

Israel — Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
Good weather all year round.


France — Paris
Spring offers the best weather in May, with Autumn starting to get cold for the winter in the Alps and Pyrenees.

Netherlands — Amsterdam
Summer is most popular; spring for tulips.

Spain — Madrid, Barcelona
The ideal months to visit are May, June and September. Winter along the southern and south-eastern Mediterranean coasts is mild.

Italy — Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan
Spring is April/May and is Italy at its best, with Autumn from October to November. The ski season can last from December to March.

Greece — Athens, islands
The best time to visit is spring, June being pleasantly warm. Mid-June to end of August is high season, with more ideal conditions from end of August to mid-October.

Turkey — Istanbul, Gallipoli
Spring — April to June — and autumn — September to November are the best times to travel, especially along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Russia — St Petersburg, Moscow
July and August are the warmest months but can be the dampest.

Eastern Block — Czech Republic, Hungary
May, June and September are the prime times to visit, with April and October getting colder.

Austria — Vienna, Salzburg
Summer (high season) is from July to August, and winter is in full swing from December to March.

Germany — Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich
Preferred time to visit is from May to October.

Switzerland — Lucerne, Zurich
Summer lasts from June to September and the Alps open from late November to early April.

Sweden — Stockholm
Late May to late July brings plenty of sunshine, with August being hot and wet.

Norway — Oslo
May to September, it is at its best. Midnight-sun days, when the sun never drops below the horizon, extend from 13 May to 29 July.

Finland — Helsinki
Warmer months are from May to September, with snowfalls from November.

Egypt — Cairo
Summer, being June to August, can be quite hot, with winter being the preferred time to visit.

United Kingdom:

England — London
Cold and short days are from November to February, making April to September the best time to visit.

Ireland — Dublin, Belfast
Weather is warmest in July and August. Outside those months, there can be miserable weather.

Scotland — Edinburgh, Glasgow
Best time is between May and September (April and October are acceptable).

Wales — Cardiff
Spring and autumn are probably the best times to visit.


Alaska — Denali National Park
June to August is seen as warm, peaks being July to mid-August. May and September offer quite mild weather and are seen as off peak. October may see blizzards, with November to February for snow.

Canada — Ontario, Toronto
Spring, summer and autumn are ideal warm weather for touring. If you want to ski, head over for winter. Warmest months are July and August.

United States — California, New York
East Coast — summer (June/September) is most popular but most crowded, so autumn and spring are preferred.
West Coast — a warmer time would be mid-September to mid-October, along with all of May and early June. Cooling down from November to February (snow).

Hot and humid along the coast; hot and wet from May to October. October to May is the most pleasant time to visit since it is fairly dry and still comfortably warm. December to February are generally the coolest months.

Caribbean — Jamaica, Bahamas
Jamaica is a year-round destination, with the peak being mid-December to mid-April. The Bahamas is a year-round destination also, with breezes and pleasant temperatures. In the southern isles, it gets infernally hot in summer — June to August.

Most of Brazil can be visited comfortably throughout the year. The south can be unbearably sticky in summer and non-stop rainy in winter.

Peru — Lima
Dry season and most popular is from June to August. Coast is sunniest from late December through March, with wettest months from December to April.

Best in spring, September to November.

Argentina — Buenos Aires
Best to visit in the summer months, from December to February.


French Polynesia — Tahiti
July is the month-long festival, occurring in the drier and cooler June through to October. This is seen as the best time to visit, although it can come into Maraamu tradewinds from June and August. The weather gets warmer and more humid between November and the end of May.

Cook Islands
Any time is a good time to visit the Cook Islands, as seasonal variations are minimal.

Fiji — Suva
Fiji can be enjoyed all year round but best time would probably be in dry season from May to October — less rainfall and humidity and less risk of tropical cyclones.

Vanuatu — Vila
Best time is from April to October, with heaviest rains in January.

New Caledonia — Noumea
Best time is from May to October. Cyclone period from November to April.

Micronesia — Pohnpei
Perfect weather all year round, getting a little humid between July and November.

The dry season is between May and October. The rainy period is December and January, with humid months between November and April.

New Zealand:

North Island and South Island — Wellington, Auckland
Warmer months are November to April. Ski resorts obviously much busier in the winter.

Australia :

Any time is a good time to be in Australia. Summer (December to February) can get uncomfortably hot, except in Tasmania. In the southern states during these months, it's great beach weather. Up north, this is the wet season, and very humid, but the Top End is beautifully green. From June until August, things cool down. This is a good time to visit Queensland or the outback and skiers head to the ski fields of NSW and Victoria.

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