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Sorrel talks about STA Travel.
Sorrel talks about STA Travel.

STA Travel

Thursday, November 1, 2001
If you want to know about travel grants, then this is for you.

Vanessa Scott e-mailed us saying she had heard about travel grants that were available to those with the desire for making the world a better place, and wanted to know if this could possibly be true. She is keen to volunteer her services at refugee camps in Africa and wants to know how she would go about finding a sponsor.

Our clever researchers went to work and found that, yes, STA Travel is currently offering travel grants for people who are passionate about promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through travel.

It's called the STA Travel Trust, and it provides either cash assistance or return airfares for causes it deems worthy. If you feel you can contribute to the global community in a positive way, get hold of one of their brochures, or log onto STA's website for more information.

Grants are awarded three times a year and the next application deadline is January 21, 2002.

In the past, grants have been given to many people to help achieve a lifelong ambition and passion. Nurses have been able to go to Vietnam, a performing artist went to India to record music with Tibetans and an English teacher went to East Africa to learn more about their language and culture so she could teach her own students.

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