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Catriona talks about honeymoons.
Catriona talks about honeymoons.


Of course, everyone wants their honeymoon to be memorable and romantic. So, what are the top five honeymoon spots?

Of course, everyone wants their honeymoon to be memorable and romantic, and Caz Dandy, who is planning hers, e-mailed Getaway to see where we think the best destinations are. We've asked the entire Getaway team — office, crews and presenters — and we have come up with the top five honeymoon destinations in Australia and overseas.


5. Broome in Western Australia — it has beautiful beaches and lots of South Sea pearls to tempt a new bride.

4. Noosa is an infallible oldie but goodie. Terrific temperatures and waters, good places to stay and a myriad of eating and drinking places to choose from.

3. Margaret River in Western Australia is a great honeymoon destination. It is an easy drive from Perth, has great accommodation and restaurants and is home to some of Australia's finest vineyards. For those from the eastern side of Australia, a dip in the Indian Ocean could be a first.

2. Byron Bay is a big favourite for romantic getaways. It's laid-back, beautiful and has some of Australia's best accommodation in beautiful settings.

1. The Whitsundays came in first as Australia's top honeymoon spot — and not surprisingly. Cool cocktails, warm days, tropical fruit, freshly caught seafood and the best sunsets!


5. France had to be on the list of romantic places. For lovers of art, history, fine food and wine, spectacular countryside and chic fashion, it is hard to go past France.

4. The Maldives in the Indian Ocean are secluded and warm and for a memorable honeymoon, you can't go past the over-water bungalows.

3. Bali — beaches, water, shopping, food, friendly people. Bali has all of these in abundant supply.

2. The Greek Islands are just the way they look on the posters. Blue and white houses and windmills on islands sitting in the Mediterranean. Seafood and fresh fruit, chilled retsina and people who love life.

1. Italy. No-one was surprised bella Italia came in tops. This extraordinary country is so varied it could be several countries. It has something for everyone — and then some.

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