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Catriona in the Northern Territory.
Catriona in the Northern Territory.


Thursday, July 19, 2001
Chris Mitchell is about to travel and e-mailed us to ask for help in translating "brochur-ese".

Chris Mitchell is about to travel and e-mailed us to ask for help in translating "brochur-ese". Planning a holiday to Australia's Top End should be simple, but the brochures can be confusing with their terms.

Firstly, brochures should just be your starting point. Get a basic idea of what you think you would like to see and then get to work on the net, fax or phone. Get as much information as you can, and setting an itinerary will be so much easier.

The term "resort" can be used loosely. Check out what facilities are on offer just to make sure your idea of a resort and theirs match up. "All inclusive" means that one up-front price covers all the basics — accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment. At a standard resort, you pay for the room only — everything else is paid for separately.

Getting right down to semantics is "ocean front" versus "ocean view". "Ocean front" will mean you have an unobstructed view of the sea, but an "ocean view" room merely means you can see the water. And that water may be across the garden or car park.

Then there's the difference between standard, premium and deluxe rooms. The best thing to do here is ask! Ring and ask the hotel to explain the difference, as they do differ in price and luxury.

"Shoulder season" can be a good time to travel to take advantage of good rates. It is the time either side of high and low seasons. It can be the best time to travel — right after peak season, when the weather is still good and the airlines and hotels offer better deals.

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