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Ben talks about foot-and-mouth.
Ben talks about foot-and-mouth.

Foot and Mouth

Thursday, June 7, 2001
If you're heading to the UK and want to know more about foot-and-mouth, here's the scoop.

Mrs Ida Blessing is heading to the UK very soon and sent us an e-mail asking about the latest on the foot-and-mouth disease situation.

Just to refresh your memory, foot-and-mouth is a highly contagious animal virus that is not believed to be a danger to humans. People can, however, act as carriers and spread it through clothing, footwear and camping equipment contaminated with disease-carrying soil.

Britain is well and truly open for business, but if you are travelling through the countryside, there are a few simple rules:

  • Obey all "Keep Out" and "Road Closed" signs. Do not go on closed footpaths or bridleways.
  • Do not go near cows, pigs, sheep, goats or deer. Do not handle or feed them or leave waste food around.
  • Do not go on farmland or open country or walk dogs, even on a lead, unless you are absolutely certain the land is not used by cows, pigs, sheep, goats or deer.

There have been odd outbreaks in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, but tourists have not been restricted there.

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