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Sorrel talks about safety for bushwalkers.
Sorrel talks about safety for bushwalkers.

Safety Beacon

Thursday, May 24, 2001
Sorrel tackles the safety problems that bushwalkers face.

We had a letter from Mitchell Farcas, who is a very keen bushwalker but is a little concerned about safety issues. There have been several bush rescues lately which, according to the press, could have been achieved quickly and more safely had the people being rescued carried a search beacon.

We have found the EPIRB emergency signalling beacon which is light to carry and is not much bigger than a pack of cards. It can be carried in your top pocket or around your neck with the supplied lanyard, ensuring it is always with you should an emergency occur. One of these would save rescue teams hours of work and thousands of dollars when searching for lost or injured people.

Once activated, the EPIRB transmits an international distress signal that can be detected by any military or commercial aircraft from as far away as 4000km. It is so accurate it can pinpoint your location within a 20km radius. The signal transmits continuously for 48 hours. One surface of the beacon is very shiny, so providing there is sunlight, it can also be used as a reflector to attract further attention.

The EPIRB complies with Australian and New Zealand standards for marine applications, as well as meeting CASA regulations for aviation use.

It has a combined beeper/flasher alarm which indicates the unit is fully useable in test and operate modes, and should it be accidentally activated, there are audible and visual warnings, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming searches resulting from false alarms.

If you are a skier, bushwalker, hiker, sailor or take part in any activity which could result in your needing assistance, there is really no excuse not to have one of these little life savers. One EPIRB safety beacon could prove to be your friend in need.

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