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Catriona and the cat-lover's getaway guide.
Catriona and the cat-lover's getaway guide.

Holidaying with Cats

Thursday, September 7, 2000
Wait no longer to holiday with your favourite feline. Here's the book which will lead you directly to over 300 beach houses, b&bs, farms and cottages who welcome your extended family.

A few years ago we featured a book called Holidaying with Dogs by Peter and Sandy Dennis. Dog-lovers rejoiced that someone had finally recognised the need for canine-friendly places to stay.

Cat-lovers, however, were up in arms because they felt overlooked. But now here's some good news for them... There's a new book on the shelves: Holidaying with Cats.

It's the first-ever feline-friendly accommodation guide, so Australia's 2.6 million cats and their owners can vie for rooms at over 300 beach houses, b&bs, farms and cottages.

There are just a couple of prerequisites: all cats on holiday must be kept on a lead when they are outside. It's BYO kitty-litter tray, cats must be flea-free and, unless they are used for breeding, must be desexed.

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