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Our favourite winter sport — skiing.
Our favourite winter sport — skiing.


Thursday, June 29, 2000
At this time of year, when people are dusting off their skis and giving their muscles a workout, one question always seems to surface: is it better value to ski in Australia or New Zealand?

Dollar for dollar, the package prices for a week of skiing in Australia versus a week in New Zealand, with airfares thrown in, work out pretty much the same.

The pluses of skiing in Australia are that you can stay on the slopes, and you've got less travel time getting there, so you get more time skiing.

Across the Tasman, your dollar is going to buy more because of the generous exchange rate. That means meals and expenses are going to be cheaper, and your chances of having really good snow are much better. The downside is the flying time and the fact you cannot stay in the snow, so all that eats into your time on the slopes.

The official New Zealand ski website is:, and for information on skiing in Australia:

Happy skiing, and keep warm!

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