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Your say: Where is the best place to get married?

Monday, January 18, 2010
The big day is coming up, and you still haven't been able to find a venue for your wedding. But does it really matter where you do the deed?

Our recent article on the top 20 places to propose sparked much debate, with some readers subscribing to the "bigger is better" ideal, while others preferred quiet and often remote destinations. Or is that too clichéd? Are certain wedding scenarios becoming too much of a fad?

Whether you are scrimping and saving to make ends meet or can't wait to spend big on your wedding, tell us where you'd have your ideal wedding?

Have you, or your friends and family, had a wedding experience they’d like to forget or share? Leave your comments below.

User comments
our daughter and her wonderful husband were married by the edge of the myall lakes. The theme for the wedding was Morrocan, having spent a very happy holiday in Morroco previously. The resort restaurant was decked out in beautiful Morrocan colours, rich gold and deep reds, many Morrocan lamps, rugs and cushions, beautiful silver trays with silver Morrocan mint tea pots on every table, sways of red chiffon from every corner of the ceiling, beautiful posters of Morroco, taken by the bride and groom, each table was named after a town in Morroco with a description of the town for the guests to read, red and gold tea glasses for each guest to keep. The flower girl dressed in a belly dancing outfit, the page boy in a little cream suit wearing a dark red fez, to match the groom. Later we were entertained by a belly dancer. It was a weekend of fun, a Friday night BBQ, Saturday wedding, Sunday breakfast. Overseas guests enjoying a wonderful part of Australia and a Morrocan Wedding Feast.
We were married at the St Saviour's Cathedral, built in the 1800's, in Goulburn NSW. This small and understated town has the most gorgeous sandstone cathedral, with plush red carpet, vaulted ceiling, pipe organ, stained glass windows, last supper stone carving above altar. The cathedral also has three smaller chapels, contained within, one a soldiers chapel-memorial. This magestic venue enhanced and highlighted the commitment of marriage. Our reception venue which followed was the cosy Fireside Inn, also very old, my grandmother had her wedding reception there in 1937. The timeless charm of wood pillars, collectable crockery on the walls and a large open fire. Grand then intimate a very wonderful wedding.
My hubby and I got married on a mountain-top surrounded by rugged snow-capped mountains in glorious Queenstown on the New Zealand south island. We originally planned on something more traditional but realised it could be much more romantic and meaningful if we simplified. So, us and our 6 closest people spent a week together in a house in Queenstown where we skiied, did touristy stuff and had a wedding! Reception was at "The Stables" in Arrowtown which was the most romantic place I've ever been - candle lit, completely private room which was a stable in the 1860's. The cost, in the end, which included everyone's flights, accommodation and a 2 week honeymoon was similar to having a 1 day traditional wedding and no honeymoon.
When I married my Samoan wife we had a nondenominational minister doing the ceremony and after a big party with family and friends. It was great but doing it this way at home, we ended up serving all our our guests and in the end we were actually running off to a quite restaurant to have a minute for ourselves. Later when we started to run a Resort on the beach we took our lesson with us and designed a perfect beach wedding package for two (not the whole family). This has been extremely successful as many westerners and Samoans realize that the wedding should be something very special for the wedding couple without thoughts about organizing and serving. Why spend 1000s of dollars on a wedding that you can not fully enjoy when you can have the most incredible moment just the two of you. We would love to make a plan for anyone that want to get away from it all and have a wedding on a paradise beach. Please see
My Husband and I married nearly 12 years ago at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford Victoria. We made a weekend of it, with a small group of 39 family and friends staying in Daylesford Friday and Saturday nights. The pub for dinner Friday night with good food and wine and then the wedding Saturday night, which was wonderful. I got to walk down the aisle and be married by a friend who was a Celebrant. The Convent Gallery was just perfect, the staff, food and wine just sensational. The time of year was even better April, with the Autumn colours in the trees. We capped the weekend of with a BBQ by the Lake for Sunday lunch before heading home to Melbourne.We still talk about it today and what a good weekend it was.
My husband and I got married on Hayman Island in the Chapal on top of the hill overlooking Hayman's great views. Hayman's wedding planners are the best. Everything was taken care of with just a view phone calls to the wedding planner and everything was exactly how we wanted it. If you didn't want to get married in the Chapel, you could have the service in a garden setting or on the beach. Everything was taken care of, from the rolls royce to the wedding cake and dinner, to hair and make-up, to photography and have the ceremony videoed.
My husband and I got married in Japan at a small registry and had one dollar shushi train for our reception meal! It was the most wonderful way to get married, just us and two friends! It cost us $95 each to register and get the certificate done. We now have a Japanese wedding certificate of which we are very proud......definitely recommend it!
what about a backyard bbq with some backyard cricket for the whole family and relo's. I think I might renew my vows this weekend!
I would head straight to Las Vegas - It's an amazing place, the experience stay's with you forever.. And the Wedding Chapels are just so romantic..
Having been married and divorced, my husband and I met at a singles dance for over 40's. Everyone knew everyone else...we decided to get married in this same venue, and it was wonderful. All our friends we'd made, had watched our relationship blossom, and were all there to witness our weddng. The management and staff were terrific, and so thrilled, that we'd met here...a memory never to forget.

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