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Celeb Getaway: Jessica Alba

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your favourite vacation spot and why?

A plane ride with a baby can be a little challenging so I like to go to Cabo San Lucas, because it is close and the weather's beautiful, and the people there are amazing. The food is my favourite so it's a great place all round.

Whats your number one travel tip?

Call to make sure the flight or train is leaving at the time it is scheduled to; there's nothing worse than waiting for hours on end. And because you can get sick in those environments, I put Neosporin on the inside of my nose and in the inside of my ears. I know that's crazy but someone told me to do that and it actually works.

What do you never leave home without when you travel?

Other than my baby, I have this blanket that I'm kind of obsessed with and it has little feet and it has a place for my arms. Its called a Nuddle, and all my friends make fun of me because I travel with it, but it's awesome.

Is there a place that you’ve never been before that you've always wanted to go?

I really want to go to Africa. Fingers crossed that I might be able to go there for the World Cup.

I know you spend a lot of time in Australia; what's your favourite travel experience there?

I loved every experience, from going to Byron Bay to Noosa Heads to Bondi Beach. I loved all of it. The Great Barrier Reef is incredible. Tambourine Mountain. The Outback. I went to a polo match in the Outback; great fun. I think any place you visit where there's great people, you are destined to have a great time.

So what was the best thing about this movie [Valentine's Day] for you?

The best thing about this movie was working with Gary Marshall. For sure. I've been a fan of his for basically my whole life and being about to work with the king of romantic comedies was awesome.

What do you think, or hope, people will get out of this film?

I think people are going to feel hopeful and joyful and they are going to be able to identify with at least one, if not multiple characters in the movie. I think there is something for everyone, whether you are single, in love, or never been in love, you'll walk away feeling great.

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