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Top five places to get married

1. Las Vegas
If you love the flashing lights of Las Vegas, you can be married there any day of the year. All you need to do is get a marriage licence and head to the nearest Elvis chapel.

America's Sunshine State offers a great wedding and honeymoon venue all in one place. Wedding planners are eager to help — you can have a traditional white wedding, one with an Hawaiian theme or even naked if that takes your fancy.

Closer to home, the clear blue water, swaying palms and friendly locals make the Fijian Islands a pretty appealing place to tie the knot and stay on for the honeymoon. Beware, though — sometimes your guests will want to stay on too!

4. Cook Islands
Picture perfect for your big day. A string of 15 islands in the heart of the South Pacific, there are no high-rise hotels and lots of friendly locals to take care of all your needs. It really is paradise on earth.

5. North Queensland
If you'd rather have your wedding on home soil, there are loads of places to choose from in North Queensland. Beaches, islands and for something really different, you could even exchange your vows in a balloon!

Where do you think is the best place to get married? Leave your comments below.
User comments
My husband & I got married 10 years ago on June 26 1999 at St Mary's by the Sea in Port Douglas. We live in Melbourne so it was winter in Melbourne at the time and shocking weather but in Port Douglas it was a beautiful 29 degrees. We had 44 people plus one geko attend (the average for an interstate wedding was apparently 16). The church is overlooking the sea and we booked a restaurant right across the road from the church which was decked out in fairy lights at night for our reception. My husband says words cannot describe the beautiful view from the window of the church. The cost at the time would be easily half of what it would have cost us in Melbourne. A lot of my friends still say it was the best wedding they'd ever attended including their own which kinda says it all.
my husband and i wed in palm cove , 20 minutes north of cairns 15 years ago It is still a fabulous spot...........a beautiful charming seaside village, now we take the children there for visits every couple of years a place that holds a special place in our hearts!!!! I know you will love it too
We got married in Santorini at sunset overlooking the old volcanoin teh silvery sea, on top of the cliffs with vineyards behind us !!! Just absolutely beautifull and still breathtaking. We(well I got asked) got engaged in Sydney at the Botanical Gardens on the very last rocks before touching the water of Sydney harbour with the bridge as a background, married in Santorini and honeymooned in Tuscany.....feel so lucky
Wandoan... A beautiful country town in Queensland. great place for a country theme wedding. I got married there and the photos turned out great.... I wood defently recommend it!
In 2004 my fiancee and I went to visit her daughter in the US On the way we stayed a week in Las Vegas. While there we took advantage of the easy marriage laws and it was absolutely fantastic. The Canterbury Chapel in the Excalibur Hotel is exquisite and the service was excellent. Most pleasing thing for us on a tight budget was the cost. Total cost for the whole wedding (including rings) was $800 AUD.
Hawaii is not the "Sunshine State" ... that is Florida's nickname. Hawaii is the "Aloha State" The author should do a bit more checking first.
We were married 3 weeks ago and get say without doubt it would be very hard to beat Loxley on Bellbird Hill. It's at the base of the Blue Mountains, just before Kurrajong. There's accomodation on site too. The place is amazing, the staff incredible and everyting just spot on. Could not have dreamed of anything more perfect
CoCo's Outback in Amsterdam, Best pub you'll come across. Me and my wifey recently got married there. With the beautiful view from the toilets down to the dance floor to the elegant tables to dance on, Definitely reccomend it to everyone.
My husband and I got married at a national park and then had the reception at home with a hired spit roast company everything was simple and more personal , I think people spend too much money on weddings forgetting what it is all about a gathering of friends and loved ones to join you in celebrating your very important union our wedding in total cost us $2000 thats for everything from the dress to the catering everyone had a ball and all the money that was saved was put to our home . Its not the money you spend on everything thats important its the significance of the occassion, spending $20'000 on a wedding doesn't ensure wedded bliss anymore than spending $2000 does and many people are paying off their weddings long after they divorce. My husband and I have been together 10 years are still happily married and have fond memories of our wedding day with family and friends and change in our pockets.
My husband and I got married at the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens, west of Sydney, It was the most beautiful day, the scenery over Sydney, the water fall in the background was fantastic and we had a Bar B Que reception on the deck of the cafe, the staff were amazing even calling me the day before to tell me they had a backup plan in place if it should happen to rain. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

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